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Shared prosperity

Through shared prosperity we simultaneously seek to improve the well-being conditions of communities in our sphere of influence, the growth of businesses and the creation of value for shareholders. The communities’ assessment of our environmental and social performance is just as important as the investors’ assessment of the Group’s financial performance.



GEB understands the importance of the SDGs as a global technical instrument for development that enables making assessments of the realities of the territories where it operates, in order to contribute to achieving the SDGs.






We contribute to the prosperity of territories through our social investment


With the objective of creating shared prosperity, GEB promotes public-private partnerships to develop initiatives in its areas of influence.


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Social investment programs beneficiaries


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Our challenges

  • Strengthen local sourcing in our areas of influence through training activities and projects.
  • Prioritize social and environmental investment in our areas of influence using the SDGs as reference.
  • Develop territorial programs with a gender approach.
  • Enter into partnerships with international cooperation agencies to improve the communities’ socioeconomic conditions.


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