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Our higher purpose Improving lives through sustainable and competitive energy

Provide energy so that the people of Bogotá and the countries where we operate can develop their potential and improve their quality of life. Energy has become the backbone of the Group's business and a driver of development. Sustainability is the enabler of our operation and it allows us to bring progress and generate value for the communities in the influence areas of our projects. We manage competitive businesses, with attractive returns for investors and low costs for communities.



We are working on four strategic focus areas 



Our corporate values

At Grupo Energía Bogotá we experience and are committed to our corporate values, which identify us and set us apart from other companies in the sector.





  • Our most important value is life first, to ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers and the communities in our areas of influence. 


  • Integrity teaches us to work in an ethical, honest, responsible and transparent manner.


  • Teamwork with individual responsibility calls on us to work jointly, but assuming individual responsibilities and commitments.


  • The focus on results, drives us to work with an objective, to meet the goals set.


  • And empathy teaches us the importance of respecting points of view, without discrimination and without bias.




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