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We are a multilatin business group with over 125 years of history. We operate throughout the energy chain in Latin America in terms of electric energy transmission and distribution, and natural gas transportation and distribution in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Guatemala, with stakes in large companies in the sector and 11 subsidiaries.

About us

For over 125 years, we have grown with Colombia and the region, always committed to the development of the communities in the territories in which we operate. We will continue advancing in the development of operations throughout the energy chain to continue improving lives with sustainable and competitive energy.

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GEB talent

There are over 2,300 employees working for a higher purpose at Grupo Energía Bogotá and its subsidiaries in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Guatemala: Improving lives through sustainable and competitive energy.


We manage transmission, transport and distribution systems, as well as investments in the energy sector, in an ethical, sustainable, reliable and competitive manner.


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