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Human rights, diversity, equality & inclusion

We have due diligence guidelines in place aimed at identifying, preventing, mitigating and correcting potential impacts of our activities on Human Rights, and we carry out prior consultations with ethnic groups through constructive and respectful dialogs with the communities. Due to their relationship with the Group's activities, we have assigned priority to rights related to decent working conditions, environmental protection, respect for diversity and equality, respect for the legitimate monopoly of State force, life and dignity.


In late 2021, GEB began to develop its Human Rights due diligence system. A corporate human rights policy was developed that applies to employees, subsidiaries, partners, suppliers and contractors (currently in the approval stage), as well as due diligence guidelines for controlled affiliates. Additionally, an action plan was designed to close gaps and a human rights training program was created for employees and contractors (currently in the approval stage). In the implementation of GEB's Sustainability Strategy, the standard template for GEB’s contract includes clauses related to the defense and promotion of Human Rights.


GEB's Human Rights Strategy components

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We have a Diversity and Inclusion Policy and practices aimed at promoting a corporate culture with equal opportunity, rights and responsibilities, free from any type of discrimination.