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Sustainability for GEB

Sustainability guides our actions and enables us to ensure that our operations have a positive impact on the environment and that they create shared value. In this way, through our projects, we promote positive transformations in the territories and contribute to the dignified development of their communities.


Sustainability ensures the viability of our projects and operations and enables us to bring progress to the areas where we operate. Our sustainability management is based on our vocation to serve society, on integrity, transparency and the joint construction of value.

Sustainability Pillars


At GEB, sustainability is comprised by four pillars:


The Business: Sustainability allows investments and operations to be profitable, competitive and to have a positive social and environmental impact in the territories where we are present.


Environmental Management: Through social licenses and transparent relationships, we create shared prosperity and contribute to the protection of the environment. The growth of our operations in the territories is critically dependent on the quality of our relationships with local stakeholders.


Governance, talent and culture: The corporate governance structure, the suitability of leaders and the plurality and integrity of employees all contribute to preserving public equity. Their purpose is to build trust


Innovation: It enables the transformation required to be sustainable and competitive. It allows the timely identification of risks and opportunities, and the implementation of strategies to mitigate and leverage them.


Our sustainability management is guided by the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ten Principles of the Global Compact, the regulations of the countries where we operate, and the international guidelines and agreements on human rights, climate change, biodiversity and sustainability.


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