Supply model

Definition and explanation of our Supply Model




We have a Strategic Supply Model that includes the policies, regulations, contracting manual and execution control, contracting procedures, as well as the information and relationship systems with suppliers; The foregoing allows us to manage the entire supply chain to promote improvements, being competitive and promoting a responsible, sustainable and effective supply.


    Requirements for purchasing goods and services are identified and included in the PACC Procurement and Contracting Plan. Based on the PACC, analyses are carried out to identify and learn about the market behavior of suppliers of the goods and services required in the PACC in order to subsequently define the contracting strategy to be implemented in the Selection phase.


    At this stage, the contracting strategy identified in the Planning phase is implemented. This phase includes all the activities to select the suppliers of goods and services in the different selection methods defined in the Contracting and Execution Control Manual until the contract is signed.


    Performance of the contracted activities under the supervision of an auditor who oversees contract compliance. It includes all activities related to the approval of guarantees, contract execution requirements, appointment of the auditor, execution of the certificate of commencement, contract reports, suspensions and restarts, amendments, compensations and appeals, policy updates, certificates of partial delivery, entry sheets, invoice payments and contractor performance reviews, which must be delivered with their respective supporting documents by the auditor as the person responsible for the control and follow-up of contract execution.


    The stage during which obligations between the company and the contractors are settled and the contractual relationship is ended.


Supply excellence program certification


La organización internacional Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), encargada de promover las buenas prácticas y altos estándares en la adquisición de bienes y suministros, otorgó al Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) la certificación en el Programa de Excelencia en Abastecimiento, por su liderazgo y compromiso en contratación y relación con los proveedores.  



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