Employee development and training programs


At GEB we offer training and development programs for all our employees in order to face the challenges of the business and the environment, and to achieve organizational goals. Two of the programs that stand out in 2022 are the Leadership Program and the Innovation Facilitators Program. 


Leadership Program

The Program aims to strengthen leadership skills in new and complex environments, with a positive impact on the health, well-being and development of employees, while maintaining a focus on results within the framework of the cultural values and organizational goals of GEB.

The Program responds to the challenges and opportunities of the current work environment and dynamics, in areas such as performance management, 360°-degree feedback, inclusive leadership, teamwork with individual responsibility, and psychosocial health, among others.


Partners that leveraged the Leadership Program:

  • Lee Hecht Harrison
  • NC Consulting



  1. Leading from Anywhere
  2. Psychological Safety
  3. Leadership with Accountability
  4. Influencing to Achieve Results
  5. Communicating with an Impact


Program coverage information:

Percentage of total workforce that participated in the program: 12%


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The impact of the Program on the organization

The Leadership Program has had a significant impact on organizational objectives and team development.

An example of this is the evaluation of the level of maturity of the Asset Management Project, which increased 0.19 points (3.06 in 2021 vs 3.25 in 2022). This demonstrates the impact of the program on the development, knowledge and leadership skills of GEB's human capital.

GEB uses the maturity scale and audit tool 'SAM+' (Self-Assessment Methodology) from the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) to assess this impact. The tool allows leaders to assess costs, risks and performance, implement best practices in collaborative work and strengthen their leadership skills.






Innovation Facilitators Program

The Innovation Facilitators Program seeks to develop an interdisciplinary team of employees to act as innovation leaders and mobilizers in GEB and each of its subsidiaries, in order to promote an innovative organizational culture, boost the innovation capacity of the organization and structure projects to help face the challenges in matters such as energy transition, decarbonization and digitalization.

The Innovation Facilitators Program is made up of 40 employee. These employees receive training in topics such as leadership, creativity, empowerment and project management.




Open lectures

1.    Thinking outside the box
2.    The power of connective intelligence
3.    Discover the significance of the environment for your innovation
4.    Sustainable actions for innovation
5.    Innovation in energy
6.    Discover the significance of protecting innovation


Close lectures

1.    Organizations and exponential start-ups
2.    Strategy: Innovation roadmap and corporate entrepreneurship
3.    The role of a mentor
4.    Design Sprint
5.    Understanding customers and the pain points
6.    Concept, prototype and minimum viable product design
7.    Experimentation techniques
8.    How to present a business case and pitch


Ubits 2022, virtual courses

1.    Mental exercises to awaken creativity
2.    How to lead an innovation and change process


Borealis 2022, online workshops

1.    Disruptive thinking
2.    Facilitation techniques, mod. 1


Program coverage information

Percentage of total workforce that participated in the program: 6%


cobertura esp.png


The impact of the Program on the organization: 

The Innovation Facilitators Program has had a positive impact on the organization's cultural transformation.
This impact is reflected in the fulfillment of the target set for the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), applied in 2022. The 2022 target was met, presenting a growth of 1.49 points in comparison to the last measurement in the component regarding Collective Contribution.


The result demonstrates a more dynamic organization that is willing to take risks to innovate and consciously learn to achieve company and team goals. It also reflects an organization with innovative leaders who are open to change and who recognize new initiatives and hold the ability to evolve towards products and services that contribute to the development of the society.














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