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Our way of collaborating with universities is changing. At this new stage, we are working on forming strategic alliances with universities that go beyond one-time or tailor-made interactions with research groups.





Some of the activities and results we hope to emerge from these partnerships include:

  • Establish and institutionalize collaborative programs that allow GEB and its businesses to interact with university communities at different stages of maturity of the innovation cycle (for example: ideation, prototyping, pilot) with sight on exploring opportunities and solving high-impact challenges for business of the GEB, mainly in the sectors of electricity, gas, and smart cities. Examples of these collaborative programs can be innovation competitions, hackathons, incubators and startup accelerators.
  • University-company agreements on research lines or strategic macro-projects that contribute to materializing the vision of GEB and its businesses in the medium and long term.
  • Seamless sharing of non-monetary resources such as human capital and infrastructure. Go from the specific solution of problems to a shared strategic work aimed at solving great challenges that involve deep exploration and encourage the use of all the capacities of the university and the company.




For Grupo Energía Bogotá it is important to promote progress in innovation to its stakeholders.

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