Luis Ricardo Ávila Pinto

Independent Member - Non-PEP


Luis Ricardo Ávila web.jpg


Industry Experience

He has been a professor at the Faculty of Economics at the Universidad de los Andes, a Consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank, a member of different Boards of Directors in the sector such as Venezolana de Nitrogen, Álcalis de Colombia and Cerromatoso.

Training and professional practice

Economist from the Javeriana University, with a Master of Arts in Economics from the “University of Pittsburgh”. He has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Colombia, Private Secretary of the Presidency of Colombia, Chief of Staff of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States and has been Director of different Colombian media such as Diario El Tiempo, Diario Portafolio, Cambio Magazine , among others.

Appointment date

March 6th, 2024

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