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Self-registration tutorial guide

Below you will find the guides and tutorials for self-registration and registration approval




>> Consult PACC



Bank directory: 


For your registration process, take into account the following file where you can find the bank directory with the necessary information to properly include your bank information.

The following tutorial explains step by step the suppliers registration in SAP Ariba Network.









 Nature of the company
Chamber of commerce for Colombia /
Constitution document for companies from outside Colombia 
(For Colombia: Issue date less than 30 days and validity of the company for a minimum period of 2 years)
RUT – Registro Único Tributario (Colombia)
  X  X
Registered agent ID copy
  X  X
shareholding structure (if applicable)
Bank certification (Issued by the bank)
  X  X
Self-retaining record / Grand taxpayer (if applicable)
Financial statements (last 2 years)
Experience certifications by category
(2 certifications per category)
  X  X
Self-assessment of the Safety and Health at Work and Environment Management System (Issued by ORI)


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