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Find here what you need about tax certificates, access, bill payment and account statements


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  • Tax Certificates: Dear Supplier, If you are currently a contractor with the company and want to access the services offered by the Financial Vice-Presidency, go to: with your username and password. Don't forget to read and accept the terms and conditions.

    Don't have a username and password? If you are a GEB supplier, request them by sending an Email to, writing in the subject line: "Request username and password for access to the supplier self-management portal" and in the details write the name of your company and Tax ID number.

    You will receive your login information in the reply Email.


  • Invoice Prompt Payment: This is an alternative to pay your invoices in a shorter time than that contractually established.

    To do so, file a written communication at Cra 9 No. 73-44, second floor, correspondence window, addressed to the Treasury Department- Attn. Mr. Jairo Durán, with the following information: Company name, Tax ID, Invoice number and date of the invoice for which a discount for prompt payment is requested.

    Contact information, such as name, Email and/or telephone number. This request must be endorsed by the company's registered agent.

    Conditions apply for the approval of this payment.


  • Account Statement Inquiry: If you are already registered, you can check your payment notices, details of deductibles, taxes, legal withholdings and history of invoices paid within the last year.

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