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Occupational Safety and Health

Life Comes First!

Zero fatal accidents in 2019 is the best presentation letter we could hope for as a Corporate Group. An achievement that we plan to ratify in 2020 and years to come.

Why is it important?

(103-1) Our GEB Sustainability Model has as one of its premises the strengthening of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) culture, inspired by our main cultural attribute: We apply ¡Primero la Vida! (Life Comes First!) from two different fronts:

  • Occupational Safety and Health, through which we ensure the life of our employees, verify the risk conditions of the environment and plan the works, avoid accidents and promote the culture of prevention and selfcare.
  • Care and balance of life, in which we accompany our employees so that they have a balance between their personal and working lives, promoting a good working environment and climate, and encouraging the integral protection of their lives and their physical and mental conditions (we also include our contractors and suppliers).

How we manage it?

(103-2) (103-3) The Life Comes First Cultural Attribute is the reference framework for the deployment of the strategic objective of developing an OSH culture in the GEB and its affiliates. To achieve this, we have been implementing an OSH Culture Transformation Plan, developed in phases:

  • We executed a containment project to identify and prioritize critical risks, as well as the implementation of containment actions for their control and mitigation.
  • We conducted a benchmarking exercise with world-class companies that are no longer just measured by an accident outcome indicator but focus more on proactive indicators such as "what am I doing to prevent accidents".
  • We adopt a risk awareness for decision making and the development of visible leadership in OSH under an international reference model in accident prevention called Vision Zero.
  • We created the Proactive Indicator Performance Panel, in which we defined OSH objectives and targets for 2019.

We are part of Vision Zero

Our OSH management in 2019 placed us in a good spot before the International Social Security Association and Global Project Zero, to which more than 2,500 companies around the world focused specifically on the challenge of reducing by 50% the disabling accidents in 10 years. In one year, we managed to reduce them by 70%, something extraordinary compared to what was proposed by Vision Zero (403-8) and taking into account that 100% of the employees are covered by health and safety plans. This achievement presents us with a much more demanding challenge year after year: to realize the vision of zero disabling accidents by 2025.

Linemen carrying work tools for a new maintenance session Linemen carrying work tools for a new maintenance session


  • (Propio) We finished 2019 with zero fatal accidents, which makes our program a successful benchmark in the industry.
  • (403-4) We worked a total of 29,100,000 man-hours for the year.
  • We have 468 leaders, in Colombia, Peru and Guatemala, empowered with their responsibility for security issues.
  • We reduced the number of disabling accidents by 65%. This is a very positive data for measuring, whose classification of events we did according to the standard methodology OHSA 300.


  • Working with the affiliates and following the Group's guidelines, we will implement the OSH Culture Transformation Plan, Vision Zero.
  • We will achieve a 70% reduction in disabling accidents across the company compared to 2018.
  • We will keep our focus on achieving zero fatal accidents by 2020.
  • We will seek to continue to be recognized in the energy sector as a Corporate Group with good results in OSH.