2018 was our year of transformation:
we have come a long way in positioning ourselves as one of the main energy groups in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Guatemala.

this report

We hereby present the 2018 sustainability report of
Grupo Energia Bogotá, which includes information
on the economic, social and environmental performance
of the Group and its companies, covering the period
from january 1to december 31, 2018.

Letters from the
Chairwoman of the Board
and the President of GEB

We have many reasons to feel proud about the results of Grupo
Energía Bogotá. 2018 was a year of good financial, operating
and and social results for the Group. We posted revenues of
cop 4 trillion, equivalent to growth of 12% compared to 2017,
and our net income increased by 13.5% to over cop 1.7 trillion.

Our management
drives progress

2018 was a year of good financial results, of new
project launches and the development of social
initiatives that brought progress to the communities.

We are transforming

A new operating model led to the creation
of the transmission branch, one of the Group’s
main businesses in Colombia.

Our strategic

In 2018, we were awarded the Colectora project; we started up
the rio Cordoba and Bolívar-Cartagena projects; we achieved a record number of users in Peru and we made progress in our
electric energy transportation expansion project in Guatemala.

Corporate governance,
setting an example

We are recognized for the implementation of a culture
based on transparency, ethics and corporate accountability.

is in our DNA

At Grupo Energía Bogotá, we understand that our shared
value initiatives bring progress and well-being
to the communities in which we operate.

We create
shared value

Shared value enables us to apply our skills,
resources and management capabilities
to lead progress and create a virtuous cycle
of growth, legitimacy and development.


Separate financial statements

Consolidated financial statements

GRI index table

Other annexes