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Talent Management

GEB's strength

Our team of employees is the architect of the transformation process of the Corporate Group. Our human talent allows us to adapt to the challenges and changes imposed on us by the energy sector.

Why is it important?

At Grupo Energía Bogotá we are dedicated to strengthening the work environment and making our companies the best places to work in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Guatemala.

Brazil2,317employeesPeruCáliddaContugasElectro DunasCatalloc377146228377ColombiaTGIGEB447595GuatemalaTresca147
  • 68.1%is the sense of belonging expressed by our employees in the Internal Satisfaction Survey.
  • 91%of employees are proud to work at Grupo Energía Bogotá, according to the acceptance percentages of the Great Place to Work, in the Work Environment Survey.
  • 70%of the plans aimed at improving employee well-being include their families.
  • 51.53is the average number of hours spent by each GEB employee on training in 2019. (404-1)
  • 0cases of discrimination occurred in 2019, which is relevant if we consider that we operate in different regions, each with diverse cultural, ethnic and gender characteristics.(406-1)
  • 84%of the management positions of the GEB and its affiliates are held by people from the regions where we operate. (202-2)
  • 100%of our employees participated in the Leadership Plan.

Cultural Attributes

  • Primero la Vida
    Life Comes First

    The protection of life, as well as the safety of employees and contractors, is our main cultural attribute. For this reason, we emphasize the adequate planning of the tasks, the verification of the conditions of the environment before the execution of risky activities and the culture of prevention for an optimal selfcare.

  • Conciencia Social
    Social Awareness

    It is the capacity of our employees and contractors to respond to the needs of the environment, its culture and traditions by acting with respect and building trust for genuine relationships.

  • Desempeño Superior
    Superior Performance

    It calls on us to develop capacities that make us different and better than other companies and corporate groups in the same sector, to have the highest standards to achieve technical, operational and financial excellence, and to set guidelines for innovation.

(405-1) (TAL1) (Propio)

Diversity and Inclusion Policies

We reiterate our commitment to adhere to the principles of women's empowerment (United Nations). In 2019 we adopted our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and implemented the Equipares Gender Equality Management System, led by the Colombian Ministry of Labor with technical support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (405-1) (TAL1) This is how we show it:

  • 0.26is the index of occupational segregation in selection processes.
  • 85%of the GEB women consider that the criteria for education and training sessions include, in turn, criteria of equality and non-discrimination.
  • 0.88is the salary gap between men and women.
  • 44women hold executive positions (Senior and Middle Management), corresponding to 40.74% of the executive positions.
  • 30.77of employees, among the corporate and affiliates, are women; this is equivalent to 597 women, 88 more than in 2018.

TGI Collective Bargaining Agreement

In 2019 we negotiated a five-year contract that covers 317 employees, corresponding to 71% covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and provides them with benefits such as:

  • Compensation in a differential range for senior and specialist positions with more than five years in case of dismissal without just cause.
  • We extended the marriage and birth leave to eight days, plus an allowance for the baby. With regard to bereavement leave, we negotiated one day more than law requires.
  • Better conditions for mortgage loans, educational assistance, field of action for workers in remote areas for the benefit of their children, life insurance and days off on December 24 and 31.
  • We increased the perception of the attributes passion for people, sense of teamwork and purpose of the role in the field.


  • We identified the cultural attributes that represent us as a Group and also those of our affiliates.
  • We built a competence assessment process that includes the linking of cultural attributes and the skills required by the talent in each of the businesses.
  • We individualized the development plans, which has allowed us to know employee profile and skills to personalize talent development decisions.
  • We consolidated the integration of the Group with its affiliates by issuing policies and guidelines to manage human talent with common parameters for all.
  • We consolidated the GEB Academy: it is now a valuable resource for the development of our employees at all levels of occupation.


  • We will maintain the “very satisfactory” certification of our work environment granted by Great Place to Work Colombia in 2019.
  • We will develop a mobility program as a Group to promote growth, cross learning and employee development.
  • From our Talent Management Department, we will align ourselves with the affiliates in three key aspects of this management: selection, development and performance, and compensation and benefits.
  • We will continue to strengthen the process of cultural transformation, which involves the sharing of corporate values and the generation of cross-cutting skills. All of the above will continue into 2020 and 2021.
  • We will consolidate the Leadership Plan together with the affiliates, leveraging on cultural attributes, values and organizational competencies.