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Our focus is finding low-emission energy solutions to facilitate a transition towards a diversified and sustainable energy matrix.

Carta accionistas Guavio dam, owned by Emgesa


  • With Emgesa, we are positioned as the number one company in the electricity generation market in Colombia in terms of installed capacity and volume of energy generation.
  • We executed the automation and remote control project that allows the Darío Valencia, Laguneta and El Salto power plants to have remote control from the Guaca power plant.
  • We started the installation of the first battery storage system in Colombia, providing an additional 7 MW of capacity to the Termozipa power plant.
  • As a Corporate Group, we entered the generation business in Peru with the acquisition of Peru Power Company as part of the Electro Dunas Group.


  • We will continue to bet on strengthening and positioning Emgesa in the market, in a context of energy transition, as our vehicle for growth in the generation business in Colombia.
  • We will encourage growth in the Peruvian market in a situation of oversupply and low prices in the generation market.
  • We will follow up and manage proposed changes to market regulations, as well as by the Energy Transformation Mission and the regulatory agenda of the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG, for the Spanish original).
  • We will seek opportunities for growth in generation markets where we have a presence as a Corporate Group.