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Proactive Regulatory Management

Clear Rules

In 2019 we structured this Regulation Department as a latent need in our company, since the electric energy and natural gas utilities businesses in which we participate are regulated in each of the countries in which we operate.

Why is it important?

(103-1) The States have clear rules in the provision of public services seeking efficient, continuous, quality service under schemes of freedom of access and competition. In this sense, for Grupo Energía Bogotá, regulatory management is of great importance, as it seeks to comply with standards and regulations, as well as to manage actions aimed at enabling favorable institutional environments for the development of our affiliates' businesses and guaranteeing a profitable and sustainable business.

To that end, we created the Regulation Department, which has the following goals:

  • To achieve the maintenance and improvement of the GEB's income derived from the regulated activities of its affiliates, and feasibility to new income.
  • To prioritize the Group's regulatory agenda in accordance with the Corporate Strategic Plan and to implement structured and effective regulatory management.
  • Contribute to the consolidation of an institutional and regulatory environment favorable to the development of businesses and projects.
Colaboradores del GEB junto con miembros de la comunidad wayuu en La Guajira GEB employees together with members of the Wayuu community in La Guajira
(103-2) (103-3)

How we manage it?

  • We consolidate and propose the strategic regulatory agenda.
  • We facilitate the coordination and regulatory dialog in the Group.
  • We facilitate and lead the management and institutional relations in issues that are cross-cutting to the affiliates.
  • We intervene in regulatory issues that benefit one affiliate with an impact on others.
  • We prioritize management and institutional relations.
  • We represent the Group before governments, unions and institutions, and are the spokesperson for their positions on regulatory issues.
  • We coordinate the sectoral agenda of the Group and its affiliates in Colombia.

We work in partnership with guilds

  • We are part of the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI, for the Spanish original), the Colombian Association of Electric Power Generators (ACOLGEN, for the Spanish original), and National Association of Public Utilities and Communications Company (ANDESCO, for the Spanish original).
  • In Andesco's Congress of Public Services we promoted the adoption of OECD guidelines on quality and regulatory improvement, as well as the promotion of draft laws to speed up the execution of public service infrastructure projects due to delays in the granting of environmental licenses, prior consultations and rights of way.
  • The President of our Group, Astrid Álvarez, was appointed Chairwoman of ANDESCO’s Board of Directors.
  • (Propio) We had an active presence in several events, including Colombia Generates (Andi), Naturgas Conference, Colombian Business Conference (Andi), Colombian Energy Conference (Association of Colombian Engineers, Aciem), Wholesale Energy Market Conference (National Council of Operations and Sales Advice Committee), Biennial Exhibition of the Electrical Industry (Fise), to name a few.


  • We promoted opening the discussion on the relevance of reviewing the limits of vertical integration for the natural gas sector by means of a study in which we presented the problems, the consequences and a proposal for flexibility.
  • TGI has carried out specific studies in order to propose changes to the compensation methodology for the transport of natural gas in Colombia.
  • We proposed a regulatory reform that would allow electricity generating agents to share their connection infrastructure to the National Transmission System (STN, for the Spanish original).
  • The Public Utilities Superintendence highlighted our compliance plan as an example of good practices.


  • We will continue to actively participate in the discussions and contribute to the construction of a roadmap for the implementation of these recommendations of the Energy Transformation Mission.
  • We will manage the modification of the vertical integration limits in natural gas.
  • We will analyze and execute actions regarding the operation of the Peruvian Wholesale Energy Market and the participation of thermoelectric agents, as well as the eventual reforms to the rules of the electric and natural gas markets in Peru.
  • We will manage the application of new discount rate and compensation methodologies for electricity transmission and natural gas transportation activities in Colombia.
  • We will execute improvement processes related to compliance with the rules of behavior (Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission, CREG Resolution 080 / 2019).