Manangement Team

  • Astrid Álvarez Hernández - President of GEB

    President of GEB


    Civil Engineer graduated from Universidad Javeriana, with a specialization in Environmental Management from Universidad de Los Andes, and a master’s degree in International Relations from Ohio University.

    She started her career in the private sector, in the operational areas of mining and concrete companies. Her first professional challenge in the public sector came in 1998, leading the transformation of Bogotá Water and Sewage Company as its General Manager. Then, she went on to work for Ecopetrol, where she implemented the company’s strategic supply model, before going into strategic management consulting for utilities and oil & gas companies.

    She joined Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) in 2016 as CEO, achieving historical results and implementing a robust corporate governance that now complies with 92% of OECD guidelines.

    A key characteristic of her leadership is social awareness and genuine relationships with local communities. Her source of inspiration was Father Javier de Nicoló, whom she accompanied for many years in his foundation Servicio Juvenil. Her dedication to social causes continues in her current role as CEO of GEB, where she has implemented social volunteering in all of the GEB’s companies.

    She is convinced that building genuine relationships with inhabitants of the areas where the company operates is the best formula to bring progress to communities and achieve success as a company.

  • Andres Baracaldo Sarmiento - Vice President Urban Energetic Solutions

    Andres Baracaldo Sarmiento studied economy at the University of the Andes and obtained an MBA and Specialization in Finance from the London Business School.

    Mr. Barcaldo Sarmiento began his career as Analyst in the Financiera del Valle Corporation (1997) and latercontinued as Analyst in Investment Banking Services S.A (1998-1999).  He went on to work as an associate in Equipo Latinoamericano (1999-2000).  He worked at European Utilies M&A as Associate in London (2002-2003) and as Associate Director of the Energy and Electricity Corporate Finance Sector at the Royal Bank of Scotland (2005-2009).  Thereafter, he worked as Executive Director of Investment Banking at the Colombian Finance Corporation (2009-2011) and as Director of Investments of the same (2011-2016). In 2016, he joined Interconexión Electrica S.A., ISA as Vice President of Business Growth and Development.

  • Alvaro Villasante Losada - Vice President Low Emission Generation

    Alvaro Villasante Losada studied Business Management and Administration at the University of Salamanca and obtained a Masters in Strategic Management and Human Resources from the same and a Masters in International Commerce from the ESIC Business and Marketing School.

    He began his career as Developer of International Business at Ade Internacional Excal in Spain (2010-2011), later joining Invest in Latam in Panama as Director of International Development (2011-2013).  In the ECOS Group he worked as Business Developer (2013-2015) and Director of Business Development (2015-2016), going on to Energyear as External Advisor.  In Mexico, he joined Acciona Energía as Manaer of Business Development in Centreal America and the Caribbean.

  • Nestor Raúl Fagua Guauque - Vice President Legal

    Lawyer from Universidad Externado de Colombia and specialist in Banking from Universidad de los Andes.

    He has extensive experience in legal structuring of financing for infrastructure projects, privatizations, structuring of infrastructure projects with participation of private capital, as well as in the areas of corporate, financial and public securities market law.

    He held the post of Legal Vice President and General Secretary of Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, and for over 15 years he was an independent consultant for several public and private companies.

    He has been a professor at Universidad de los Andes and Universidad Javeriana in the areas of securities markets, and is currently included in the A list of arbitrators at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

  • Felipe Castilla Canales - Financial Vice President

    Felipe Castilla Canales studied civil engineering at the University of the Andes and a Masters of Science from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champain. He also obtained a specialty in finance from EAFIT- CESA University.

    Mr. Castilla Canales has been Vice President of Finance for ContourGlobal Latam (2012-2013), Vice President of Finance and Administrator of Cartagena (2007-2012) and advisor of the Director General of Operations and Vice Precident of Operations and Vice President of Refinery and Petrochemistry, among others, at Ecopetrol (1988-2012).

  • Ernesto Moreno Restrepo - Vice President of Transmission

    Ernesto Moreno Restrepo studied electrical engineering at the University of the Andes and obtained a postgraduate degree in marketing from EAFIT University, a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of el Rosario and a postgraduate degree in General management from the International Electric Energy Institute of, Texas, United States.

    He began his career as Engineer in Ingetec-Engineers and Consultants and, since 1980, has worked at  Empresa de Energía de Bogotá (now GEB), where he has had the following positions: Substation Engineer in the Department of Transmissioin Engineering (1980-1982), Chief of the Transmission Line Division (1982-1983), Chief of the Department of Equiment Engineering (1983-1986), Assistant to the Subdirector of Operations (1986-1989), Chief of the Electrical Engineering Division (1989-1990), Chief of the Electricity Generation Division (1990-1994), Chief of the Electric Plant Division (1994 -1999).

  • Rafael Eduardo Diaz Vasquez - Auditor General Group

    Rafael Eduardo Diaz Vasquez studied Business Administration at the National University of Colombia. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

    Mr. Diaz Vasquez began his career as Administrative Assistant in the Office of Internal Control of the la Secretary of Finance of the Distrito Capital (1994). He was also Auditor at Empresa de Energía de Bogotá (1995-1997) and Auditor at Colsubsidio (1999-2005).  Later, he was at Farmacity Colombia S.A as Internal Audit Manager (2005-2006), at Novartis of Colombia S.A. as Internal Control Manager (2006-2008) and as Regulation, Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Cmpliance Manager for the Andina Region at Johnson & Johnson of Colombia S.A.- Medical Equipment and Diagnostic Division (2008-2009).  In 2009 he became Audit Director at Oleoducto Central S.A.- Ocensa S.A. , a position he held until 2017.

  • Mauro Hernán Mejía Trillos - Director Supply and Services

    Mauro Hernán Mejia Trillos studied industrial engineering at the Universidad Del Norte and obtained a Masters in Business Administration - MBA ICESI – from Tulane University. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute. He has also obtained certifications such as a Certificación Internacional en Abastecimiento/ Procura from the University of the Andes and the international Center for Commerce.

    He began as a Consultant at Ecopetrol S.A. (2000-2001) and later became Sales and Project Supply Coordinator (2006-2008) and, lastly, Purchases and Contracts Manager (2009-2014). He then worked as Director of Business Development at Enermax-Tensteel (2014) and as Purchases and Contracts Manager at Worley Parsons (2014-2016).

  • Wiston Manuel González del Río - Director of Corporate Communications

    Wiston Manuel Gonzalez Del Río studied social communications and journalism with a specialty in communications at the Universidad Central.

    Mr. Gonzalez Del Río began his career as reporter for Cadena Súper (1992-1993), Editor and Weekly Cordinator (1993-1999), Editor of the Investigation unit of the newspaper El Tiempo (1999), Judicial Editor (1999-2000) and judicial and investigation journalist for the Citytv Channel (2000-2004). He returned to El Tiempo as Subdirector of the Bogotá section (2004-2007), then worked as Advisor to the Congress of the Republic (2007-2012). He went on to work as Communications Manager for the Colombian Liberal Party (2012-2014) and as Group Communications Coordinator and Public Relations Officer for the National Planning Department.