Interconnecting for Market Development

This strategic unit is responsible for connecting energy generation sources with large consumption centers and large users. This business front has the objective of consolidating a electric energy transmission LATAM company (Empresa de Energia de Bogota, Trecsa and GEBBRAS) and strengthen the consolidation and growth of the largest gas transportation company of Colombia, TGI.


Transport, Distribution, Generation, Transmition

Empresa de Energía de Bogotá

Empresa de Energia de Bogota is the headquarters of Grupo Energía de Bogota.

Currently, it is the second electricity transmission company in Colombia, enjoying a market share of 12.5 %.

The history of the Company is closely linked to the history of Bogota: one can state that progress in Bogota has been parallel to the development of EEB.

Electric light reached the capital for the first time on the night of December 7, 1889 when The Bogota Electric Light Company (BELC) lighted the most visited streets.

At that time, Bogota was the only city in the country that had public lighting for twelve hours a day, between six in the afternoon and six in the morning.

During the first half of the XX century, the Company underwent a series of legal transformations, but always maintained its technical evolution, becoming the sole power provider in the country's capital.

The city bought the entire shares of the company in 1951, back then, the Company had developed a large expansion plan, which allowed the Company, during its first fifty years, to have six hydraulic units and complete El Muña dam, which at the time was its main generation source.


Natural Gas

Transportadora de Gas Internacional S.A. ESP

This is a company belonging to Grupo Energía de Bogotá, incorporated on 16 February 2007, after a purchase process that had state participation, represented in Ecogas assets, rights and contracts, of which EEB was the final awardee. 

On March 2011, CVCI-Inversiones en Energía Latino América Holdings became a shareholder by capitalizing US$400 million, representing 31.9% of the company's shares. On April 2014, Empresa de Energía de Bogotá concluded the acquisition of 31.92% of Transportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI) owned by Citi Venture Capital International (CVCI) amounting US$ 880 million.



Transportadora de Energía de Centroamérica S.A.

The Government of Guatemala, by means of the Comisión Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (CNEE), awarded open bid PET-01-2009 to the association EEB-EDM Proyecto Guatemala, made up by Empresa de Energía de Bogotá and Edemtec,  on 20 January 2010. As a result thereof Empresa Transportadora de Energía de Centroamérica S.A. (Trecsa) was incorporated. 



EEB Ingeniería y Servicios - Guatemala

Incorporated on 7 April 2011, as an affiliate of EEB to render engineering, electrical studies, management services and the development of transmission projects.