Strategic Business Groups

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Distribution Business

GEB owns an integrated investment portfolio of companies focused to develop the electric energy and natural gas distribution services required by large consumption centers and mega-cities, promotes cleaner mobility and more efficient energy use to improve environmental quality.

The portfolio is composed by distribution companies such as Cálidda, in Lima and Callao, Contugas and Grupo Electrodunas in Ica, and Codensa, Vanti and EMSA in Colombia.

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Generation Business

Business group that today focuses on Colombia and aims, in addition to supporting the consolidation of Emgesa's current position, to seek new opportunities in renewable energy in countries where the transition from the energy matrix to this source of sustainable and low emission generation is taking place. View more

Transmission and Transportation Business

This strategic business group connects large energy sources to consumption centers through electric energy transmission lines and gas pipelines. View more

Smart Cities Business

New business that begins in Colombia with an investment in Ágata, the data analytics agency of Bogotá, with the objective of creating a data analytics agency model for the region focused on making cities smarter and improving its citizens’ quality of life.

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