Ethics Channel

To report, please read Terms and Conditions, upon completion, click on Accept, if you agree with the terms and conditions therein.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Objective
    Through the Ethics Channel report fraud or corruption events, wrongful or illegal behavior, consultations or ethical dilemmas of collaborators of Empresa de Energía de Bogotá S.A. ESP or people working on its behalf, in a confidential manner. 
  2. Use of Reported Information
    The Ethics Channel of Empresa de Energía de Bogotá S.A. ESP – EEB, reserves the right to determined how it should proceed or not, based on the information supplied by the reporting party, unless otherwise required by law. Furthermore, the Ethics Channel is not required to disclose any response(s), or action(s) relating to any information supplied through EEB Ethics Channel.  It is recommended that reporters do not supply information deemed strictly secret and confidential that must be safeguarded under national security. c
  3. Responsibility waiver
    As a reporting party, you acknowledge that EEB's Ethics Channel obligation will be receiving and conveying the information provided in the report, to follow its adequate processing.  The reporting party, acting on his behalf, on behalf of his/her heirs, successors, family members, proxy or assignees, waives EEB and its officials, directors, shareholders, collaborators, successors, predecessors, proxy and assignees from all responsibilities, claims, legal actions or damages related to procedures from the reporting party's employer taking of actions as a result of having received and having had access to information referred to in the aforementioned report.  
  4. Truthfulness of report
    EEB's Ethics Channel, as well as EEB, accept with responsibility the reports made through this site.The transmission or disclosing unfounded rumors, the submittal of reports or providing deliberately false or misleading information, shall not be subject to follow up or review and should bath faith be proven in the reported information, the informant could be subjected to administrative or disciplinary measures. 
    You are empowered to record your personal data or not, although we recommend you do so, to expedite the response to your report, record your data on the respective lines, and to the extent possible, provide evidence or accurate information. 

I agree with reporting Terms and Conditions.

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